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  • Let’s start building for – Part : Getting set up

    Let’s start building for – Part : Getting set up

    I think multi post series, we will be creating several free to use live cricket widgets. Currently on (LCMT from here out) I am using 3rd party widgets which do not add much value for anyone. Additionally, Google keeps saying that this content is low value because they do not understand the need that…

  • New website added!

    New website added!

    I added today which focuses on chatGPT ideas and tips and tricks. Right now the sites are mostly subcontent, but in the near future I will be launching the centralized portion of the project which will tie them all together in a meaningful way! Stay tuned for more! Joshua 🙂

  • 3 Major website overhauls today!

    3 Major website overhauls today!

    I spent some time using chatGPT 4o until it turned back to 3.5-turbo on me. All I did was tell it what my current CSS is, and told it what the background image looked like and asked it to theme the site! Here are the sites that got overhauled I would appreciate your feedback in…

  • Bitcoin Faucet and Advertising options coming soon!

    Bitcoin Faucet and Advertising options coming soon!

    I am making these announcements here, even though few people read them, because in the future this will be the central page for all of my experimental sites. Experimental sites? Yes. I am try various video script and blogging ideas and these sites DO get traffic. I mean, you are here after all. How did…

  • Webmaster update

    Webmaster update

    Title Update on Progress June 2024 This month has been incredibly busy and productive! I’ve been hard at work developing a video website builder, which I’m now refining into a more specialized niche video script. My goal is to create unique sites like Live Cricket Match Today that provide valuable tools and services while being…