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Let’s start building for LiveCricketMatchToday.com – Part : Getting set up

I think multi post series, we will be creating several free to use live cricket widgets. Currently on LiveCricketMatchToday.com (LCMT from here out) I am using 3rd party widgets which do not add much value for anyone.

Additionally, Google keeps saying that this content is low value because they do not understand the need that global users have to access YouTube cricket streams but NOT on YouTube because their locale has blocked access.

I get many users from Pakistan, India, etc that do not speak English and at the end of this tutorial we will have build some widgets that display in whatever language the user’s browser is loaded in, for example for Urdu, (UR) or English (EN) etc…. using free APIs.

Step 1 in any project

The first step in a project is to list the steps needed to complete the project. The rest of this post will be dedicated to steps needed, and I will be adding steps along the way and need arises or as I think of ‘oh yea, forgot that.’

  • Create a list of steps to make the project (this)
  • We will need a basic PHP page for each widget. We will name them according to what the widget does. For example, “Upcoming Matches” will be “upcoming-matches.php”
  • We will need some free API based data sources to get information from and likely flunk out and ask ChatGPT to assist with the code builds. I can do this stuff myself (been coding for over 20 years) but GPT saves time and lets me focus on giving feedback to you all.
  • Remember my personal goal here is to add value to to the website by changing its format into a streaming widget provider for webmasters and then using the current version (video searching) as a case example for the widgets (demo blog). I need to monetize content, but in order to do that we need good content 🙂
  • Widgets ideas:
    • upcoming matches
    • live matches
    • recent matches
    • scoreboard
    • team stats
    • player stats
    • news
    • commentary
    • global chat
    • images
    • stream list
  • Need to figure distribution methods (ie, will I host the widgets or does each webmaster just copy/paste the code?)
  • Let’s do a news widget first!

The next post in this page will be Part – Making a news widget for Cricket and will be linked here when ready!

Thanks for reading!



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