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Webmaster update

Title Update on Progress June 2024

This month has been incredibly busy and productive! I’ve been hard at work developing a video website builder, which I’m now refining into a more specialized niche video script. My goal is to create unique sites like Live Cricket Match Today that provide valuable tools and services while being enjoyable for users.

Exciting Updates for Live Cricket Match Today (LCMT)

I’m thrilled to announce upcoming additions to LCMT, including live score tools, team and player tracking, and more. You’ll also notice that I’ve separated the homepage from the video pages to reduce clutter and enhance usability. This change aligns with my plans to integrate the site with the Bitcoin faucet, which shares revenue with participants.

New Sites on the Horizon

I have plans to launch three more sites soon:

  • Viral Video Info
  • A French Site for Ice Fishing

Once these ten sites are live, I’ll start developing a new video site script with even more improvements. The idea is to create useful websites for small niche communities that can generate Bitcoin revenue through The earnings will then be shared with CoderClub users via FaucetPay.

Current Projects

Thank you for using my sites! I hope you find them valuable. Here’s the current list of projects:

  • – Focuses on Xbox products and reviews.
  • – Displays real-time livestreams provided by YouTube.
  • – Showcases short videos from YouTube.
  • – An all-in-one tag generator tool for Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, StartPage, Yahoo, and YouTube. It also includes video research capabilities and spawns ChatGPT windows (free) that generate AI content based on selected keywords and video titles.
  • – The homepage for all my projects, hosting my blog and soon the club Bitcoin faucet.
  • – Watch videos like YouTube but with far fewer ads and distractions.
  • – For oldies music enthusiasts.
  • – A test project providing information on the history and current events of Biafra and Nigeria, based on the 150k monthly searches Google reports.


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