Bitcoin Faucet and Advertising options coming soon!

I am making these announcements here, even though few people read them, because in the future this will be the central page for all of my experimental sites.

Experimental sites?

Yes. I am try various video script and blogging ideas and these sites DO get traffic. I mean, you are here after all. How did you find this page?

The goal is to set up revenue streams in BTC but it takes bitcoin to make bitcoin and so I will be implementing a unique faucet script that will hopefully help us all make a few satoshis. If this project takes off, I do have an idea for launching an ERC-20 token (simple, open zeppelin) that would handle revenue sharing.

The issue is that I prefer to stick to Bitcoin for now. We will see what happens in the future, check back soon. Time to code!

Joshua ~peace


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