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Welcome to brainstorm central

Listen… I have a lot of ideas… I mean… A LOT. I “suffer” from an overactive mind sometimes and some days I get 0 coing done, and others I forget to eat. The quirks make me who I am, so you be you and I will be me.

All ideas have a value, comment and get your voice heard!


Usually do not write things down, but since I became an Internet Quality rater (for search and AI responses) and got a better understanding of what it takes to create helpful content, I decided that all of those ideas are my gift, my passion, and can make quality content if done well.

For this first post, I will briefly share the vision for

  1. Create a place where I can post my thoughts and hopefully inspire others
  2. Create a few video sub-blogs that are highly topically related to the coding languages I prefer, and integrate content and ideas from across the web
  3. Create a way for YOU, my readers, to utilize the video blogs to promote YOUR projects and ideas, free of charge
  4. Monetize the site by selling featured / sponsored posts to help build linking and reputation for YOUR projects.
  5. Explore ways to make money online together

I am posting from my cell phone rn, and will be doing more visual and comprehensive when on PC.

Have a great day everyone! Peace!!!



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