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A passion to create for a live of giving

I have been creating online since 2004. While most of my work has been hobbyist, I believe someday I will build something great, and be able to make a difference in this world.

Code Samples

Find Code Samples

Dive into my projects and uncover truly innovative code snippets, original ideas, and expert tips! πŸš€ This code repo is designed for public use and sharing, offering unique insights into PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, and AutoITscript. πŸ’‘

Whether you’re looking to learn new tricks or seeking out creative project ideas, you’ll find plenty to explore here. If you have any specific requests, just post a comment about the tools or scripts you’re interested in, and join the conversation!

Project ideas

Project ideas

Explore my coding journey and discover the ideas I have in store! πŸš€ Dive into a mix of past projects and bucket list (wish list) code ideas, each one showcasing unique and innovative code snippets (or maybe you can code some!)

My goal is to find ways to monetize content, allowing me to give back to the world in meaningful ways. πŸ’‘ Join me in this adventureβ€”if you have specific requests or interests, drop a comment about the tools or scripts you’re curious about, and let’s collaborate!

ChatGPT ideas

ChatGPT ideas

I use ChatGPT for certain editing and idea generation. Discover some tips, tricks, and tools here! πŸ€–βœ¨

Explore the power of ChatGPT for refining ideas and crafting compelling content. πŸ’‘ Join me in exploring the best practices and strategies for maximizing ChatGPT’s potential in your projects.

ChatGPT will not replace coders 10 to 1.
Coders who use ChatGPT will replace coders who do not, 100 to 1.
(Random Twitter quote)


Join me on a journey through my favorite video resources that have been helpful on my coding journey. πŸŽ₯

Explore a curated selection of videos that have inspired, taught, and guided me through various coding challenges and headaches (especially Javascript stuff!).

From tutorials to talks, these videos offer insights, tips, and motivation to fellow coders and enthusiasts alike. Let’s uncover the vids that have shaped my coding adventure, and perhaps they’ll help illuminate your path too! 🌟

#100DaysOfCode (again)

I will be featuring my daily code snippets and highlights from my ongoing 100DaysOfCode journey right here and at! πŸš€

Practice your skills, ping back feedback if you can do it better! I document each day’s progress, sharing insights, challenges, and triumphs along the way. Whether it’s debugging dilemmas or coding breakthroughs, join me in exploring the challenges and joys of coding through this ongoing event.

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Welcome to our sponsors’ cornerβ€”a dedicated space for promotional type posts, including self-promotions for my own projects. 🌟

Here, you have the opportunity to request guest posts on my network of sites, reaching a wider audience and sharing their valuable insights and projects. For more information on how to become a guest contributor, or to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please utilize the contact form provided. Let’s collaborate and amplify your message together! πŸš€

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